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Charitable Ministries

To support and strengthen the times and initiatives we have already for walking beside those in need.

Through the St Vincent de Paul Society, through visits to the hospital, the housebound, and the prison, through talking to the homeless and those come in need, and through individual acts of kindness we already walk beside many in need. The blessings given and received through these contacts are almost always given and received both ways.

For many years spiritual support has been provided by Sacred Heart church to the prison and the hospital alongside Blessed Sacrament parish. A priest from Sacred Heart visits the hospital each week to see those Catholics who have said they would like the sacraments or those would just like to speak with a priest. We are also on call all day, everyday, to give the dying the last rites.

Deacon Brian from Sacred Heart is the Catholic Prison Chaplain at Exeter prison as well as Channing's Wood prison. Each Saturday there are Catholic services for those in prison, twice a month Mass is celebrated and on the other Saturdays a service of the Word and Holy Communion takes place. Deacon Kelvin is there each Saturday as well, and musicians and parishioners often go to join the celebrations.

As a Church we also support the causes highlighted by the Bishops of England and Wales and by our own diocese by having second collections at the end of Sunday Masses about 12 times a year.

When have matched our resources to the particular needs around us. Is there something extra that is possible and practical that you would like to do that we and others are not doing already? Let us know.

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