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Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Parish Vision

To be a Sanctuary
of Prayer, Beauty, and Peace

in the Heart of the city,

Worshipping Jesus Christ,

sharing his Gospel,
and the Life of the Catholic Church.


One of the wisdom books of the Bible tells us that in order for any group to function and thrive it must have a vision.

'Without a vision the people perish.'

Proverbs 29:18

A parish vision is what a parish is aiming to be.

It is both inspired and constrained by the particular situation and circumstances, history, and potential of a parish. 

Our Parish Mission

To make our church building even more beautiful, open and welcoming


To strengthen our eucharistic community
of missionary disciples:
- In worship, 
by making our liturgies
as beautiful and prayerful as we can.

 - In Fellowship, by strengthening
our communal life and openness to others.

A parish mission is the practical way by which a parish can move towards its vision goal.

Our parish mission is to build on the already existing good foundations we have. We are far from starting from scratch, thanks to the current and previous generations of people and priests at Sacred Heart. We have a thriving and welcoming parish and a beautiful church. It is on these good foundations that we can try to be even better.

To help with this we have identified some priorities for the next two years.

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