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Growing In Faith Together

Welcome to Growing in Faith Together (GIFT)

GIFT is offered to all our primary and secondary aged families across the parishes of Sacred Heart and Blessed Sacrament.  It is our process by which we support families to live and grow as Christians, and enable parents to prepare their children to receive the sacraments.

Parents are Instrumental

The Church has always maintained that catechesis, or passing on faith, is the primary responsibility of parents.  As your parish family, we are here to work with, support and encourage you in this long-term process.  We do this by gathering all families together to celebrate, learn and worship:  we introduce you to other faith families, provide you with quality resources that will help you and your children grow in faith and answer any questions you may have.

Time with your child
Family Praying

GIFT: An Ongoing Faith Journey

GIFT is currently for all families with children aged 5-16.  It is not a programme and therefore has no beginning and end date; this reflects our ongoing faith journey.  Through GIFT, we have put in place regular opportunities for families to grow together in faith.  Engaging with these opportunities, deepening your own faith and supporting your children to grow in their faith is fundamental to every family’s faith journey and to the life of the Church.

When does GIFT Meet?

We hold monthly Saturday family sessions for parents, teenagers, and children from 9:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

at St Nicholas Catholic Primary School

Ringswell Avenue, EX1 3EG

The upcoming sessions are:

13th April

11th May

8th June

6th July

No August Date

14th September

5th Oct

2nd Nov

7th Dec

Pile of Donuts

What do we do at GIFT?

We begin by celebrating Mass together.  Afterwards we enjoy refreshments before receiving family friendly faith teaching and completing family faith activities.  We explore a different topic each month.

After Mass, the GIFT Youth group meet separately.  We hope that this will be an opportunity for the young people of our parish to socialise and get to know each other in person; ask questions, engage with and grow in faith together; and support each other as they learn what it means to be a young Catholic in today’s world.  For more information about GIFT Youth, click below.

GIFT: Gateway to the Sacraments

Preparation for the sacraments is an activity for the whole family, not just a child who is put forward by his/her parent(s).  To receive Holy Communion or Confirmation is to be part of the Catholic family, therefore preparation to receive it grows out of a family’s participation in the Catholic community through celebrating Mass with us on Sundays, engaging in Growing In Faith Together (GIFT), and participating in wider life of our parish family.

If you would like to explore preparing for First Holy Communion or Confirmation then we are delighted to support your family! As a parent, you are responsible for preparing their children to receive the sacraments.  Our GIFT team of priests and lay people will support you in discerning when the time is right for you to prepare your children.  Please sign up to GIFT below to begin the process.

Image by Lennon Caranzo

GIFT Registration

GIFT is split into two streams, Primary and Secondary.  If you have children in both primary and secondary school, you need to register using both links.  This is to ensure that safeguarding and consent is robust and up to date.

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