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Encouraging Vocations

Encouraging and supporting vocations to family life, religious life, single life, and priesthood.

Our stability is not just for now. It is for future generations aw well. We are a link in a chain. We have received the life and faith of the Church from those who went before us, and we have a duty to hand it on to those who come after us. In this handing on and building the next generation of Catholic life, vocations are essential. They are essential to the life of the Church and when they are strong the Church community is strong.

We should be doing all we can to encourage and support these vocations. It strengthens not only the Church of today but also the Church of tomorrow.

Vocations to marriage, to the single life, to the priesthood or the religious life do not fall out of heaven. They come from families and from young people especially thinking about their future and what they can do best with their lives.

For anyone thinking about whether they might serve God in his Church as a priest, we have a whole host of resources to help with exploring the idea and discerning along with the diocese if this is the right path. The diocesan office for vocations website can be found by clicking here. This is the door to answering the call of Jesus to "come and see". ​

If you think God may be calling you to be a priest, explore the diocesan website and come and speak to one of the priests here.

Together with Blessed Sacrament we help couples prepare for marriage to help them have a strong start to family life. If you are getting ready for your marriage in the Catholic Church, have a look at our webpage on marriage preparation by clicking here.

We can always do more to help people in their vocations, and we are open to suggestions. ​What more could and should we be doing to help this?

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