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Mgsr Harry Doyle Celebrates 55 Years

9 Jun 2023

Fr Harry celebrates his 55th Ordination Anniversary and thanks you all for your kindness.

On Thursday 8th June 2023, Monsignor Harry Doyle, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart from 1990-2015, celebrated his 55th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood. His good friend Fiona writes,

'Thank you so much to the 70 plus parishioners from Sacred Heart, Topsham and Blessed Sacrament who sent cards to Father Harry. We are opening them in batches!!! It takes time to find a card, write and send it and I know he would have found this very moving. I will keep them for his family to see. The word ‘kind’ appears many times.'

We give thanks to God for Fr Harry's many years of service in the Church and his profound impact on so many members of our community. As always, we keep him very much in our prayers.

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