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Day of Prayer for Victims and Survivors of Abuse 2024

The Day of Prayer for Victims and Survivors of Abuse is observed on 30 April 2024. It is always marked on the Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter in England and Wales.

This year’s focus is on communities who have been directly affected by allegations or convictions related to abuse – especially, but not exclusively, within the Church. This may be associated with clergy, a teacher in a local school, a leader of a Catholic group or other person or group whose investigation or conviction is likely to affect the wider community.

There will be legal and financial implications but, for the community, something that addresses
their pastoral and spiritual needs can be very helpful. It can also support those who need to impart very painful information by helping them to draw on spiritual resources beyond themselves. This is not “spiritualising” the situation as if to diminish it; rather, it is to say that, for us, the bar is set higher as we know that all involved are children of God and part of the Body of Christ. What harms one harms all   (Taken from Catholic Church in England and Wales - Bishops Conference website)

For more information please see:

EXCITING WAYmakers update.

We are delighted to let you know that the long wait is over and we welcomed a family to Exeter just before Easter. We are unable to give you details but the family have been through much over many years and are thrilled to be here. They are really lovely and are very grateful for the help we have been able to provide so far.

Thank you so much to the many parishioners, friends and Caritas Plymouth who have supported us over the last three years to get to this point. Without you we couldn’t have done it! We are particularly grateful to Chris Lee without whom the Exeter WAYmakers Community Sponsorship Group would not have existed. It is in his memory that we have continued.

Our work is far from finished as we have committed to supporting the family for two years on their journey to independence. We are looking for help, both practical as well as financial.

If you would like to be involved in visiting the family, showing them around Exeter and encouraging them to practise their English, you could be a Befriender. If you have some experience of teaching in any capacity and would like to help them with practising their English in a slightly more structured way, you could be an English Language Supporter. Please talk to Phil Smallwood, Mary Quinn or Brian Bargent if you are interested or email There will be a little training and DBS checks are required.

Donations can be made via the parish office, clearly identified as being for Exeter WAYmakers, cheques can be made payable to PRCDTR Exeter WAYmakers and if you would like to donate a small amount monthly, email Phil Smallwood at the above email address. If you are able to gift aid your donations that would be much appreciated.

Please keep us in your prayers too!

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