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St Nicholas' School

St Nicholas Catholic Primary School provides for the education and formation of children both Catholic and non-Catholic, inspired by the Gospel and the teaching of the Church.


The first St Nicholas school was opened in 1895 at the Mint, which was part of the site on which St Nicholas Priory had stood; this was also the site of the first post-Reformation Catholic church in Exeter. Due to ever increasing number of pupils, the school moved to Holloway street in 1959, then to Matford Lane in 1974, and to the current location on Ringswell Avenue in 2007.


The school serves the needs of Catholic children living in the city of Exeter and its surrounds, and keeps close links with the parishes involved.  The school's long and continuous history has given it many valuable traditions and has provided the community with the best of Catholic education for over 100 years.  The present school aims to continue this work by providing a full range of religious, educational and social opportunities.


In July 2010 St Nicholas School became the first school in Devon to be awarded accreditation for its Foundation Stage Unit. 


St Nicholas Catholic Primary School,
Ringswell Avenue,


01392 445403


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