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There are only really two things the Catholic faith tells us heaven will be like, that is it what we are created for and so all our needs and longings will be satisfied there, and that we have the example of the risen Jesus to give us glimpses of what a resurrected person looks like and does.

In the gospel today, and in several other of the resurrection encounters, Jesus eats something. He is real flesh and blood with mouth and teeth and everything else. Despite this very physical form, we often imagine heavenly existence as something rather like spirits or ghosts floating around. There is no reason for us to do this, but we do.

In the Apostles creed we say we believe in the resurrection of the body. This means that when all is complete we will live a spirit body existence in heaven as physical as the risen Jesus showed himself to be. It will be a greater existence than what we experience now with our physical limitations and bits that wear out, after all Jesus entered locked rooms. But it will include a transformed transfigured physical dimension. 

What we commonly imagine, and the sort of images we sing about in some hymns are far less attractive than the simple reality we see when we look at the risen Lord.

If we imagined and pictured heaven in less religious and less spiritual terms, we would be closer to what the gospel shows us.

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