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Sunday Message

Image by Arturo Rey

Like the Gospel the other week, when Jesus is asleep in the boat, we find people again underestimating Jesus in this week's Gospel. Jesus has returned to His home town with His disciples, and He is rejected as a mere carpenters son. We are reminded here of Jesus' humble upbringing - a son of a carpenter, He was not wealthy or powerful in a conventional sense that the people of His hometown would have understood. In fact, His wisdom and miracles are so against the "hidden years" of His life that the people of Nazareth would have seen that they remain in unbelief.

But this is alien to the Jesus the people of Nazareth knew, who also know the family. Jesus came not to follow in the footsteps of Joseph, but to fulfil the mission of His Father in Heaven. He came not to carry on the traditions known to these people, typified in their knowledge of Jesus as the carpenter's son, but to offer a new way to the Father. When we are used to something, it might be difficult for us to give it up, even when we have the promise of something greater. Jesus offered life to the people as their Messiah, but it was difficult for the people of Nazareth to comprehend how someone like them could offer something so great. However, it is through the greatness of God, and not human weakness, that great things can come. 


The lack of faith of the people meant Jesus could not perform a great miracle for them, as He had done already in His public ministry in the surrounding country. If we do not accept what God offers us with faith, it is difficult for Him to work within our lives. 

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