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Music & Beauty

Celebrating the beauty of music in our liturgies and elsewhere.

Music is a particular sort of beauty. One of our goals is to have the best music we can at our Masses and other services. If you can help us musically get in touch. We welcome instrumentalists and singers.

We know that different people have different musical as well as liturgical preferences, and to provide for all, we are strengthening the different characters of our three Sunday Masses. The Vigil Mass on Saturday evening will be a quiet, said Mass. At the 9.15am Sunday morning Mass which has the Liturgy of the Word for Children we have more modern music and hymns, while at the 11.15am Sunday morning Mass we have a more traditional style.

It would also be great to have concerts of sacred music in church. Maybe this is something we can think about for the 2025 Jubilee year. If you can help with this let us know.

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