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Keeping the church open as a sanctuary of prayer, beauty, and peace in the centre of the city

It seems a small thing thing to make to commitment to keep the church open so that all can come in to pray, but it really makes all the difference in the world to what the church building is.

It is a central and important part of our vision statement that we will be "a sanctuary of prayer beauty and peace in the heart of the city". This applies both to when we welcome people into the celebrations of the sacraments and other rites, but just as importantly it applies to the times between these celebrations when the church is open for anyone to come in and pray and perhaps light a candle or sit and find a moment of peace.

If it is only open for the celebration of the sacraments and other rites of the church, half of its role as a shrine for prayer is forgotten, and it is in danger of becoming a private club for a few people. In the end we can celebrate the sacraments anywhere, but a shrine set apart as a place of prayer and beauty and peace has to be a specific place or building. So our commitment to keep the church open every day is fundamental to our purpose and mission.

The church is open each day from at least 9am to 6pm.

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